Cross-Sectoral Cooperation for Societal Change? Perspectives from Georgian Youth

Informed by international experts, research and practical experience in Georgia and Germany in the framework of #GEONext – Partnerships for Youth Engagement, this publication aims at providing a comprehensive perspective of the advantages and challenges of cross-sectoral cooperation, as well as best practice examples and tangible recommendations for successful collaborations across sectors.

Polis Paper N°16 | Refugees of Second Class: Ukrainian Roma in Hungary and Moldova

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, European leaders and civil society have shown an immense solidarity towards the people of Ukraine and in particular the refugees that were forced to flee to the neighbouring countries and the EU. However, this solidarity does not extend to Ukrainian Roma refugees, who face severe discrimination, segregation, and rejection. Moldova and Hungary are two of the most important transit countries for refugees on the way to Western Europe. As their authorities, government officials and civil society are publicly reinforcing harmful stereotypes about Roma, crossing the borders, asking for asylum, or accessing decent living conditions in refugee centres has become harder than ever.

Activation of the temporary protection directive: Renaissance or tight-rope act for the EU asylum system?

In its swift and unanimous response to the Ukrainian crisis and the facilitated reception of refugees through its temporary protection directive, the EU has shown itself to be united as it has rarely ever been in migration matters. But this sudden solidarity also reveals deep-rooted ambivalences that undermine the core values the EU wishes to embody.

A comment by Zina Weisner and Julie Courbon

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Wahlprogramm? Check! Polis180 die Wahlprogramme der Parteien zusammengefasst

Die Wahl zum 20. Deutschen Bundestag am 26. September 2021 steht an und im Wahlkampf dazu gehen viele wichtige Sachthemen oftmals verloren und insbesondere außen- und europapolitische Fragen stehen seltener im Fokus. Wir von Polis180 sind davon überzeugt, dass die Positionen der Parteien zu diesen Fragen wichtig für die Wahlentscheidung – auch und vor allem von jungen Menschen – sind. Aus diesem Grund bieten wir auch zu dieser Wahl einen Wahlprogrammcheck an.

How the European Commission frames migration

For years, the EU and its Member States have been deeply divided over issues of migration and asylum. Last September, the Commission presented the New Pact on Migration and Asylum (the Pact) as a ‘fresh start’. The proposed policies shall normalise migration so that it will eventually become another “boring” EU policy. While there is much to be said about the Pact’s substance, we take a closer look at its language in this piece.

A Comment by Jascha Galaski & Johanna Hase

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May a hard Brexit clear the air after all?

Since the United Kingdom in 2016 voted not to remain in the European Union, Britain and the rest of Europe seem to move further apart, especially with a no-deal Brexit. Though we may learn more about each other during the transition period. I spoke to our sister-think tank in the UK about topics that are crucial in the eyes of young foreign policy experts.

An Interview with AK Glück and Agora

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