Student Journal PolisReflects “Unheard Crises”


On 7 December we will be publishing the first edition of the new Polis180 student journal PolisReflects. The first edition is titled “Unheard Crises” and assembles selected articles on crises that have been neglected in the course of the corona pandemic. The pandemic has been the center of public attention for the past half-year. We asked students to hand in their works on crises they feel should be given more space in the public discourse.

The following papers are going to be discussed with experts from the respective field in breakout rooms:

  1. Imperial Legacies in the Discourse on the Establishment of the Humboldt Forum, by Tamara Pataki
  2. Forensic Architecture: Digital Citizen Intelligence in the Age of Urban Warfare, by Carla Ulrich
  3. The technopolitics of desalination in Saudi Arabia, by Pauline Raabe
  4. Reicht der Elefant dem Drachen das Wasser? Eine Fallanalyse des Einflusses von Machtasymmetrie auf den Wasserkonflikt zwischen China und Indien am Brahmaputra zwischen 2013 und 2019. By Luisa Boll
  5. Crisis and Sexual Exploitation: The Case of Refugee Pornography, by Alexander Gertz
  6. Travel Regime over Refugee Regime: How the EU Circumvented its Duties to Accept Refugees During the Migrant Crisis, by Anna-Lena Rüland

In PolisReflects, students publish their term papers on different topics in the field of international politics. Through a peer-review process, which is accompanied by advanced and junior researchers, students refine their work and rewrite it into academic articles. This way we enable them to initiate and contribute to important debates in science or politics with their often outstanding and innovative papers. Additionally, we support students in the learning process and introduce them to scientific publishing with the help of our feedback process.

Besides, visual works are published in our journal. These can be photo essays, generative art, or traditional paintings.

Where and when?

Monday, 7 December

6.30 pm until 8.30 pm

In English and German


We are looking forward to seeing you!

We will send you the zoom-Link one day ahead of the event. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact Jan or Dimitria.


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