04. Okt 2018 | 18.30 - 20.30 Uhr
International Alumni Center

4 OCT | Polis Teatime: Israel, Palestine & Europe, Vol. 1 – Towards a One, Two or New State Solution?

Polis Teatime

Israel, Palestine and Europe, Vol I – Towards a One, Two or New State Solution?

4 October, 18.30-20.30, International Alumni Center
Linienstraße 65a
10119 Berlin

With Brigadier-General Amir Avivi, Israel Defense Forces (Res.), Ambassador Arthur Koll, Former Deputy Director General, Israeli Foreign Ministry (Ret.), Sgt. Benjamin Anthony (Res.)

Our next teatime will focus on what Europe can do to positively influence the relationship between Israel and Palestine. Our speakers will present and debate a range of Israeli views. We will then discuss what scenario appears most probable and which would be most acceptable to all parties: A One, Two or New state solution?

Four decades after the historic signing of the Camp David Accords that brokered an enduring peace between Israel and Egypt, gridlock still remains between Israelis and Palestinians. With the stagnation of the Two State Solution, is the One or New State Solution likely to benefit more people in the region?

We are looking forward to the discussion! If you have any questions, feel free to contact kilian.nedelec@polis180.org or paul.vonsalisch@polis180.org.

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