Date(s) - 25/05/2022
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Menstrual Stigmatisation in Nepal: Perspectives from Civil Society

Polis180 x NIDISI

May 25, 2022 | 12.30-13.30 | Zoom

In Nepal, the female period is highly stigmatised. Women and girls are discriminated against during because of their menstruation, considered dirty and impure and are thus even forced into isolation. Confronted with numerous restrictions and prejudice, there is a significant lack of information and awareness on the biological aspects of menstruation, creating severe consequences for female wellbeing. Apart from psychological effects, basic requirements of reproductive and menstrual health are oftentimes neglected. This includes the access to products like menstrual pads.

Also international organizations such as UNICEF or Plan International have recognized the topic of menstrual health and reproductive rights as a priority on the development agenda. The NGO NIDISI is also working on menstruation, providing education and workshops on menstrual health. Furthermore, they are developing a biodegradable pad which will facilitate the access to menstrual products and thus help women and girls to manage their period in a more healthy and dignified way.

Dipisha Bhujel is a menstrual-equity advocate who has been working in the field of Menstruation for five years. She has been educating young people around Nepal on the topic of menstruation and MHM to help eliminate the stigmatization around the topic of menstruation. She is currently working at NIDISI gGmbH as the project coordinator for the Menstruation Project. She has been recognised with national and international awards for her contribution in the field of menstruation and female empowerment. She is the recipient of Glocal’20 under 20 2018, Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs Award 2020 and Asian Girls Social Innovation Award 2021.

Md. Hasnain Ansari is currently working at NIDISI gGmbH as a field coordinator for the Menstruation Project. He has been contributing to the field of Menstruation in Nepal through his advocacy and engagement in research and education related to menstruation. Menstruation being a topic of shame for many men in Nepal, it’s inspiring to see a young man like Hasnain leading the awareness campaign on Menstruation and advocating for a change of mindset among young people, especially men.

Lirisha Tuladhar is an enthusiastic Youth Activist, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights [SRHR] and has been advocating these issues for more than 6 years locally, nationally and international platforms. She is currently working in Plan International Nepal as the Campaign Administrator and manages the social media and project called Girls Out Loud Nepal. She is also the founder of Unfolding SRHR, a digital platform which aims to provide young people access to SRHR related information and opportunities thus promoting meaningful youth engagement, and the Secretary of Youth Coalition of Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YCSRR).

We are looking forward to an insightful discussion!

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