Date(s) - 12/02/2019
18:30 - 20:30

BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt


Gender in Peace Agreements: Lessons from Colombia

BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt (Berlin)

12 February 2019 | 18.30-20.30

Women have had various – often unrecognized – roles during the armed conflict in Colombia. They composed almost 30 % of the FARC fighters. They were affected by the fighting as rural women and coca farmers. They became active as peace activists. They form more than half of the displaced population. They survived conflict-related violence, including sexual and gender-based violence. 

The Colombian Peace Agreement takes these diverse roles into account. Including over 100 gender-sensitive measures, it embodies and extends the pillars of UN Agenda on Women, Peace and Security of participation, protection, prevention, and recovery and relief. On 12 February we will present our Polis brief on the matter which focuses on 1) how Germany and the international community can advance the Women, Peace and Security Agenda by drawing on lessons from the Colombian Peace Agreement, and 2) how they can contribute to ensuring the implementation of these gender-sensitive measures in Colombia.  

After presenting our Polis brief we we will discuss different perspectives on the Colombian peace process at thematic tables. Our experts are:

  • Bettina Beywl, Andean States Division, Federal Foreign Office | German and international assistance to the peace process
  • Silvia Rojas Castro, author of the Polis brief “Gender in Peace Agreements: Lessons from Colombia”; former researcher at Dejusticia (Bogota) | Gender & transitional justice
  • Anna von Gall, head of project Women, Peace and Security at the Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF)  | Implementing the gender-sensitive provisions of the Colombian peace agreement
  • Dr. Edna Yiced Martínez, researcher, Institute for Latin American Studies, Freie Universität Berlin | Women’s movement and peace initiatives before and after the conclusion of the agreement

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and views! Please register via the form below. In case of questions feel free to write us at sonja.schiffers@polis180.org.


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