Date(s) - 02/02/2021
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02 Feb | connectingAsia presents:

China’s perception of the German Government’s Indo-Pacific Guideline

(Chinas Wahrnehmung der Indo-Pazifischen Leitlinie der Bundesregierung) 

ONLINE LUNCH TALK WITH DR. GUDRUN WACKER  (SWP), PROF. XUE LI (Chinese Academy of Social Science) and PROF. HU CHUNCHUN  (Tongji University, Shanghai)


On the 2. September 2020, the German Federal Government published their Guidelines for the Indo-Pacific Region. Germany is only the second EU member state, after France, that drafted their own Indo-Pacific strategy. This shows that Germany not only regards the emerging geopolitical importance of the Indo-Pacific region as crucial in shaping future global power balances, but it might also aim at fostering an increasingly tighter economic and cultural engagement with the region on an EU level.  

  • What is Germany trying to achieve with it’s latest foreign policy guideline for the Indo-Pacific region?
  • What are the political and economic implications of the guideline specifically for China?
  • Will this guideline become the prototype for an EU-wide Indo-Pacific Guideline?

We will try to answer these questions as well as your questions on the topic in our upcoming event with three outstanding specialists in the field of EU-Asia geopolitical relations. 

2 February 2021, 12 – 13:00 (CET) / 19 – 20:00 (CST)  

We are happy to announce that Dr. Gudrun Wacker, Fellow at the foundation Science and Politics – Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) as well as the EU representative at the ASEAN Regional Forum since 2018, Prof. XUE Li (薛力) Director of International Strategy Studies at the Institute of World Economics and Politics Chinese Academy of Social Science and Prof. HU Chunchun (胡春春), Vice Directorat the German Studies Center of Tongji University will be our guest speakers at this discussion.

The event will be held in English

If you would like to participate in our online event via Zoom, please sign up below. We will send you the Zoom link and log-in details, as well as some background information that will provide context and foundation for our discussion. We look forward to a lively and interesting discussion and hope to see many of you!

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Aline Lahaye or Marius Kretzschmar


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