The grassroots think tank Polis180 is a voice of the younger generation in foreign and European politics. We finance ourselves exclusively through donations and the support of our cooperation partners (Federal Foreign Office, Schwarzkopf Foundation, non-profit Hertie Foundation and others). With your support, we can make our generation heard. Take a look for yourself!

Who we are

Polis180 is a Grassroots-Thinktank for foreign- and European politics. That means that we work to make the voice of the younger generation heard in politics. In our programs we discuss new approaches to solutions, test innovative formats and develop new recommendations for the foreign and European policy of tomorrow.

As a non-profit organization, we promote the political debate across party lines. We bring ideas of our generation into the political discourse and create a platform on which an interdisciplinary exchange is possible.

Why we call for donations

Our work is mainly on a voluntary basis. Since our founding more than 5 years ago, Polis has grown to almost 600 members. Our members, programs, and board have since invested over 120,000 volunteer hours for Polis. 

For our work, we rely on external financing. We have also already been able to attract the support of several partners: the Federal Foreign Office, the Schwarzkopf Foundation, the Allianz Cultural Foundation, and many more. 

But in order for Polis180 to continue working in the long term, we are also dependent on private donations. Come see us at one of our events, read our publications or subscribe to our newsletter. Every donation allows us to continue our work.

How can I contribute?

Donations to Polis180 are worthwhile: as a charitable association, donations to us can be deducted as a special edition of your taxable income, if they exceed the lump sum of 36 €.

Of course, you will receive a donation receipt from us, which you can submit along with your tax return.


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