Polis Brief N°10

Germany as a Global Peacebuilder:

Fostering Women, Peace and Security in the Turkish-Kurdish Peace Process

Written by Dilek Gürsel

 Drawing from the failed Turkish-Kurdish Peace Process and an analysis of the role of German-Turkish relations, Dilek Gürsel takes a look at the engagement of women in the Turkish-Kurdish peace process and outlines policy recommendations for Germany on how to support the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda in Turkey. 

This Polis Brief is published within the framework of the project “Women, Peace and Security: A Chance for Georgia’s and Ukraine’s Protracted Conflicts”, implemented by Polis180 (Berlin), IDP Women Association Consent (Tbilisi) and Ideas for Change (Kyiv). While the project was funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the publication is the sole responsibility of the project implementers and does not necessarily reflect the views of the donor.

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