The board of Polis180 is elected by the general assembly for a period of one year. The last General Assembly took place on May 23, 2018. There, the new board was elected.
It consists of two presidents, a treasurer and up to seven other members. The board conducts business in the sense of the statutes and the resolutions of the general meeting. Decisions are passed by a simple majority.




Personnel & Regional Groups

Susanne is co-president of the Personnel and Regional Departments. She also served on the board during 2017/18. Her goal is for Polis180 to be a good employer and to offer the members a platform both inside and outside of Berlin. In addition to her work as a board member, she is also involved in the European Identity Program. She is a volunteer in the Polis campaign for the European elections in 2019. Susanne works full-time at the Federal Association of the Energy and Water Management on research in civil security and has earned a doctoral degree at the FU Berlin on Critical Infrastructure Protection.



Fundraising & Legal

Sonja is co-president and responsible for fundraising and legal issues. For fundraising, she wants to ensure that NGO management will once again be done by paid staff members and that further funds will be acquired to implement your project ideas. Sonja is also co-head of the program area “Gender and International Politics” and involved in projects dealing with East-West relations. Sonja is a visiting fellow of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs and is doing a PhD on Russian and Turkish foreign policy at FU Berlin.

Chris Abels


Treasurer & Finance

Christoph is now in his third year serving on the board. Christoph is treasurer and therefore likes to see himself as “The Bank”. As Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for overseeing the financial resources of Polis and taking care of the bookkeeping. At Polis, he also co-heads the Digitalization & Cybersecurity program area. Christoph is a doctoral student at the Hertie School of Governance, where he focuses on the influence of social media on groups and individuals. Fun Fact: His main working time is between 1:00 am and 3:00 pm. You are welcome to contact him at night.





Dominic is responsible for the publications on the new board. In the coming year, he wants to ensure that polis content becomes even more targeted and lands on the desks of political decision makers. Previously Dominic was active in the program area European Defense. After studying at the Hertie School, he is currently preparing a doctorate on the political consequences of socio-economic inequality.




Daniel coordinates and develops the infrastructure and IT of Polis180, trying to do the balancing act between “keeping things simple” and “having to be sure”. In addition, he has just completed his doctorate and now advises international organizations, companies and universities to become more participative, communicative and sustainable.



Project and Programm Coordination

Jule wants to encourage collaborative projects and program activities to strengthen the Polis spirit. In terms of content, she has already been active in the program areas European Identity and The America (s) and is burning for issues relating to democracy, participation and integration in Europe and Latin America. Jule is in the finals of her MA in Political Science at the FU Berlin and the University of Potsdam. Previously, she studied International Relations, Political Science and Sociology in Mexico and Würzburg. Internships led them to the Foreign Office and the Körber Foundation.

Eric Schneider


Internal/ Member communication

Eric is responsible for member communications on the board and therefore would like to be the contact person for the members’ concerns to the board. After studying International Relations in Berlin, he has been working for three years at the United Nations in the field of migration.



External Communication

AK Glück studied journalism, history and political science in London. She is a founding member of Polis180 and editorial director of the Polis Blog. In the Executive Board, she is responsible for the public relations work of the Think Tank, in particular the social media channels.



Community Management

Thore will be responsible for Community Management over the next 12 months. His motto is: “Politics may also be fun”. Polis180 is characterized by its community and especially the hundreds of volunteers – Reason enough to celebrate the community and also get together and get to know each other better off of political debates. Thore’s topics are social policy, migration and integration. He co-directed the migration program for a year and a half.

Foto_Sophie Pornschlegel_hochkantig


International Network

Sophie is responsible for the international network on the board, previously known as “foraus global”. As Polis180 veteran, she chaired the Schengen project in 2016, launched the program area “Post Brexit Europe” and was responsible for program coordination in the Board of Directors from 2016 to 2017. As a full-time job, Sophie is a project manager at the Progressive Center where she leads projects on the future of democracy after working as a public affairs consultant and working for the European Commission. She is German-French and, as a convinced European, believes Brexit can only end badly.


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