The Climate Bridge Podcast

Third Episode: Catherine Stewart – Canada’s inclusive approach to Climate Diplomacy

Welcome to the „The Climate Bridge Podcast” adelphi’s and Polis180’s new podcast series. This podcast, like the Transatlantic Climate Bridge initiative behind it, focuses on climate change and climate policy in Germany, the US, and Canada — a key goal is to improve climate cooperation between the three countries.

About this episode 

Recorded during the Transatlantic Climate Bridge’s conference in July 2022, the third episode of the Climate Bridge Podcast discusses Canada’s climate diplomacy and the climate and energy outcomes of the G7 meetings. In conversation with Assistant Deputy Minister Catherine Stewart of Environment and Climate Change Canada, our hosts Tobias Bernstein (adelphi) and Luisa Kern (Polis180) took an in-depth look at the interlinkage of climate change and foreign policy, but also at the role of women and indigenous people in climate diplomacy. Focusing on how the green transformation towards carbon-neutrality can also be a just transition that leaves no one behind, the trio took a closer look at multilateralism, Canada’s federal structure, and how to navigate environmental policies in today’s geopolitical landscape.

Guest: Catherine Stewart

Hosts: Tobias Bernstein and Luisa Kern

Producers: Kira Schrödel, Tina Bayer, Tobias Bernstein, Trisha Kershaw and Anna-Loreen Mondorf

Mixing and post-production: Lars Feyen and Kira Schrödel

Music: Maximilian Below

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