The Climate Bridge Podcast

Second Episode: Sue Biniaz –  Renewed US climate diplomacy

Welcome to the „The Climate Bridge Podcast” adelphi’s and Polis180’s new podcast series. This podcast, like the Transatlantic Climate Bridge initiative behind it, focuses on climate change and climate policy in Germany, the US, and Canada — a key goal is to improve climate cooperation between the three countries.

About this episode 

After talking to Lisa Badum about the new German Climate Foreign Policy in our debut episode, the second episode of the Climate Bridge Podcast turns to the U.S. perspective on international climate policy. Hosts Mary Hellmich – adelphi – and Lars Feyen – Polis180 – speak with Sue Biniaz, John Kerry’s Deputy Special Envoy on Climate Change, about all things related to U.S. climate policy. The three discuss everything from how Biniaz’s team works both domestically and with international partners to implement initiatives such as the Global Methane Pledge (established at COP26 in Glasgow, the Pledge aims to reduce emissions of methane – a short-lived but immensely potent greenhouse gas – by 30% from 2020 levels by 2030), to the evolving nature of international climate policy in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mary, Lars, and Sue share their “climate policy crushes,” and Lars teaches the English-speaking audience a German climate-related legal term.

Guest: Sue Biniaz

Hosts: Mary Hellmich and Lars Feyen

Producers: Kira Schrödel, Tina Bayer, Tobias Bernstein and Lukas Seelig

Mixing and post-production: Franz Classe

Music: Maximilian Below

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