Meet the youths who bring about the change they wish to see in Georgia

Our ongoing project #GEOYOUTH2021 supports young people across Georgia to get involved in their communities and make their voices heard by decision-makers. This year, they have the chance to develop their own initiatives and implement them in their communities, supported by the Georgian Institute of Politics and Polis180.

An introduction by Anna Kiknadze

Project Name: Active citizenship for good governance

Where: Senaki, Samegrelo

When: 05.06 – 30.08.2021

Who: Roland Baghaturia, Quji Jalagonia, Akaki Apakidze

The project aims to raise the participants’ awareness of self-government issues and engagement mechanisms. Roland, Quji and Akaki engage young people from their region by non-formal education and meetings with members of the local municipality. 20-25 youths residing in Senaki are selected. In the first stage, they will be given a series of training on self governance, legal frameworks, participation forms, activism, e-governance, introduction on research and debrief. At the second stage, the selected youths will meet with the local community and create three petitions on the problems identified during the meeting. Last but not least, young Senaki citizens will present these petitions to the local municipality, thus  providing a common space to discuss possible solutions. In addition, the meeting with local authorities will familiarize young participants with how the local government body operates.

Project Name: Youth for Self-Government

Where: Tsageri, Racha-Lechkhumi

When: 01.06 – 14.09.2021

Who: Nuca Qarseladze, Tornike Nemstsveridze, Aleksandre Kopaliani, Vasil Qarseladze

The Tsageri project tackles the issue of low youth political participation from two angles – theoretical and practical. Initially the project initiators provide basic theoretical training to 15 young people from Tsageri region to understand the essence of the local political and decision-making process. Training courses are conducted by experienced trainers on the following topics: political ideologies, local self government and its importance, youth participation forms, municipality budgeting and media literacy. At the end of the training, the five most engaged participants will be given the chance to take this gained theoretical knowledge into practice through an internship in the local self-government body (Sakrebulo).

Project Name: Youth for change

Where: Kazbegi, Mtskheta-Mtianeti

When:  01.06 – 01.09.2021

Who: Khatia Gabashvili, Salome Qushashvili, Givi Qirikashvili, Tamta Gabinashvili

Kazbegi is both a border and a mountainous municipality, where migration of the population, especially youth, is quite high. With this project Khatia, Salome, Givi and Tamta want to increase the awareness of young people permanently living in Kazbegi about local self-government, their rights, how they can be involved in local self-government and the political process. Moreover, they aim to create a local youth team, which will get acquainted specifically with the local municipality budget, and present their opinions to the representatives of the local self-government.

Following an information meeting with youths from different villages of Kazbegi municipality, six trainings will be conducted in two stages: citizens’ rights, political engagement, self-governance and budget in the first stage, and leadership, self-representation and team work in the second. Next, the budget of Kazbegi municipality will be discussed internally and recommendations for the municipality will be prepared. The final stage will be the presentation of the recommendations to the members of the city council in a public meeting.


Project Name: Ethnic stereotypes, access to education, career advancement for the Azeri youth

Where: Marneuli, Kvemo Kartli

When: 01.06 – 01.10.2021

Who: Magda Rukhadze, Gulgun Mamedxanova, Selaheddin Piriyev

This is a research project, aiming to determine the impact of ethnic stereotypes on access to education and career advancement, as well as employment among ethnic Azerbaijani youths in Georgia. The research includes two live focus groups and five online expert interviews in total. Based on the results of the research, four training sessions – two online and two live – will be conducted in community centers, which will help raise awareness about the dangers of ethnic stereotypes on issues such as education, employment and ethnic minorities, social inclusion, and early marriage as a challenge in the education process. At the end of the training cycle, a thorough evaluation will be conducted and an appropriate report will be prepared.


Project Name: Be Active – promoting youth political engagement depends on you

Where: Tbilisi & Batumi

When: 01.06 – 31.08.2021

Who: Lika Merabishvili, Ana Tcharxalashvili, Sopio Mumladze

This is a two-cities project, which aims to increase the interest and involvement of young people in politics. At first, Lika, Ana and Sopio organize seminars on activism, political involvement and active citizenship for youths in Tbilisi and Batumi. To further increase direct contact, live engagements with leading politicians from different political parties and civic activists via Facebook live stream and Zoom (six streams in total) will be conducted. The project results and activities will be covered by  both local and national media. In addition to newscasts, the project team will work on visits to various TV programs to promote the project activities.

Project Name: Empowering Mayor’s Youth Advisory Councils in Oni and Ambrolauri municipalities

Where: Ambrolauri & Oni, Racha

When: 01.06 – 11.07.2021

Who: Tamar Khomasuridze, Ani Tatulashvili, Nana Maisuradze 

A sustainable youth platform, the “Racha Youth Assembly”, with the sub-initiative  “Mayor’s Youth Advisory Councils” has been established in Oni and Ambrolauri municipalities, with the purpose to activate young people living in the region, encourage their involvement in political processes at the local level and promote non-formal educational initiatives. The project initiators are aiming to empower the Mayor’s youth advisory councils via providing training courses for council members, arming them with useful knowledge of their rights and responsibilities. Thematically, training sessions will be focusing on the importance of youth engagement and the local self-government in Georgia, which will be concluded by a series of meetings to share experience and knowledge with the Racha Youth Assembly.


Project Name: Youth participation in the election and political processes

Where: Zugdidi & Tsalenjikha, Samegrelo

When: 01.06 – 15.09.2021

Who: Ana Tsanava, Levan Papava, Sopio Chitanava

After successfully completing a short-term project in the framework of GEOYOUTH2020, Ana, Levan and Sopio will continue implementing their new initiative for youth participation in Samegrelo in the upcoming months. As a result of the project, the awareness of young people living in Zugdidi and Tsalenjikha municipalities about the decision-making process and the importance of participating in elections and related procedures will be raised. Practically, the project consists of a number of trainings and personal meetings with the local municipality. During the first stage, trainings will be held on elections and democracy, tools for civic participation in local governance and standards for holding election campaigns, followed by the second cycle of trainings on political ideologies, advocacy and youth participation. On the one hand, young people will be more involved in the implementation of local self-government activities and will be able to formulate their initiatives in the form of projects, and on the other hand, it will increase local self-government transparency and trust, which is essential for democracy building.

Project Name: Lighthouse for Youths

Where: Khulo, Ajara

When: 25.07 – 31.08.2021

Who: Tamuna Manvelishvili, Mari Manvelishvili, Iver Shanidze

Lighthouse for Youth will be a decisive week for Khulo youths. The project responds to the need for strengthening practical career growth opportunities for young people and promoting the implementation of youth initiatives in the political context. During a four day workshop, the selected youths will get intensive input: Day 1 is dedicated to a simulation game; Day 2 is reserved for master-classes in the different institutions located in Khulo (practical work); Day 3  is for the training on project writing and advocacy; and Day 4 focuses on writing mini projects about local needs and providing them with mini grants. Overall, the project aims at strengthening practical career growth opportunities for young people and promoting the implementation of youth initiatives in the political context.

Project term

01 March- 31 December 2021

Our supporters

The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office in the framework of the programme “Expanding Cooperation with Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia”.




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