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#7 Live from Myanmar 

In the 7th episode of this podcast, Christian Gilberti speaks with journalist Thin Lei Win, researcher Htike, and consultant Minn Tent Bo on the military coup in Myanmar. They discuss the current situation of military brutality, explaining the main figures in the civil disobedience movement as well as the roles of international bodies such as ASEAN and the EU. Subsequently, they focus on the crisis of the Rohingya, an ethnic Muslim minority group in Myanmar, drawing parallels between now and the mass Rohingya exodus in 2017. Finally, our guests give tips on how to support the Pro-Democracy movement and help the Myanmar people.

This podcast was recorded over a month ago on Thursday March 4th, 2021. Since then, over 700 peaceful protesters have been killed by the Myanmar military junta. Military forces have also begun to bomb civilians in the ethnic states along the border, causing thousands of people to flee into Thailand. Dr. Sasa has emerged as a leader of the Committee Representing Pyithu Hluttaw (CRPH) and the CRPH has proposed a Federal Charter for the creation of a new constitution to replace the now defunct 2008 Constitution. As Htike presciently predicted in our podcast, a proposal for a Federal Army was included. The CRPH has begun to seek funds abroad to continue the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) and ASEAN has agreed to convene a special meeting in Jakarta to address the crisis in Myanmar following a push by Brunei and Malaysia, but a negotiated solution still seems far away. The oil company Total SE has since issued a statement on its involvement in Myanmar, but it has not ceased operations there.


Christian Gilberti is a PhD candidate in South and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He studies the history of Burmese art, literature and music and the creation of a national culture for Burma at the end of the nineteenth century. He worked as a freelance journalist in Myanmar from 2016-19 and has written for The Mekong Review, Southeast Asia Globe, Frontier Myanmar, Myanmore Magazine, and most recently the LSE Southeast Asia Blog. He writes a blog on Myanmar history and culture at

Thin Lei Win is a Burmese journalist living in Europe. Thin is a specialist correspondent covering food security and climate change stories globally, including through her own Thin Ink newsletter, after nearly 13 years reporting these issues for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the non-profit arm of the Reuters news agency. Born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar, she is also the founder and former chief correspondent of Myanmar Now news agency and co-founder of the non-profit storytelling project The Kite Tales, which chronicles the lives and histories of ordinary people across Myanmar.

Htike Htike is a researcher, humanitarian and human rights advocate, a Rohingya originally from Rakhine State, Myanmar, and currently a PhD student at School of Law, Queen Mary University of London.

Minn Tent Bo is a Burmese independent consultant and analyst based in London.


Moderator: Christian Gilberti

Guests: Thin Lei Win, Htike Htike & Minn Tent Bo

Production: Inga Michalek

Jingle: music by Jason Shaw @

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