Crisis and Sexual Exploitation: The Case of Refugee Pornography

Alexander Gertz

In: PolisReflects 1(1), pp. 04-15


In recent years, refugee pornography experienced an upsurge
in popularity. Thereby, it uses the mode of crisis as a
narrative tool to justify sexual exploitation. The goal of this
paper is to untangle the construction of such pornography
as a racial fetishization of the veil serving as an extension of
the sexualization of the “Oriental” body during the colonial
era. To open entry points for an academic debate, I will put
it into relation to concepts such as exoticization, othering,
and sexuality. First, I want to explore current academic
debates on pornography, specifically on the interrelations
between politics and porn. Next, I want to analyze the
of refugee pornography in the case of Germany
and find possible correlations between trends in popularity
and political events. To find an explanation for the latter, I
want to turn to postcolonial studies, more specifically, to a
feminist approach towards Orientalism. Further research is
of importance, given the popularity of this peculiar combination
of crisis and sexual exploitation.

Keywords: Pornography; Refugee; Racial Fetishization;
Postcolonial Feminism; Oriental Body

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